Best Hawaii engagement photography ideas


Big Island engagement photography ideas​ in Hawaii

Big Island Hawaii engagement moments and the engagement photography session in Hawaii are one of the most beautiful events of the couple's lives. You finally confess your feelings in the form of someone you have planned to spend the rest of your life with. Therefore, the entire set up and arrangement must be planned and organized properly. More particularly, engagement photography matters a lot in capturing romantic lovable moments. Your photographer must be creative enough to observe the glimpse of the moments to click. He or she knows better about the specific lenses and gadgets used and the ideas to be used to cover the engagement event. If you are going to give a surprise to your partner, if you have planned an event together, consider these helpful tips to have memorable moments in your album.

Chemistry & couple poses

More often, couples fee hesitant to express their chemistry in front of others. If you are comfortable to show affection to each other in front of the photographer, then do not forget to capture your lovable moments. Ask your photographer to click the moments like forehead kissing, hug, holding hands and other poses when you remain close to each other.

Again, I will say, that the Hawaii photographer must be experienced enough to notice the ideal locations where you can make romantic poses. Ask the photographer to click photos while laughing together, while making dancing poses and while putting other innovative ideas.

Tell your recommendations

Although the photographers contain their portfolios, it is advisable to tell them your recommendations as well. Tell your hired photographer to click images and show his/her performances you are expecting. Arrange a pre-consultation before the event date and tell anything you demand. You can also ask for special slicks on the event day. For instance, you can ask him/her to click a secret photo when you are proposing your partner. In this way, your happiness will get double. Remember that contributions are needed from both sides, so put your own efforts in capturing unforgettable moments as well.

Additionally, you can show samples of photos you want your photographer to click. You can also bring customized belongings like lanterns, standees etc. to take photos along with. You can also ask for the desired lightning set up for an awesome background.

Thinking about attire

Clothing matters a lot when it comes to getting ready for any celebration or event. Choose dressing you like the most. You can also collaborate with your partner to purchase or design matching dresses (although they may not be exactly identical, they may have some similar colors or designs).Choose any dresses such as casuals, formals, and others that are compatible with the theme of the venue you have decided.

Apart from that, clicking photos in just one clothing will seem boring, as you may get repeated clicks in the same costumes. Bring at least one extra dress to get different images. This will add more stunning looking images in your gallery.

Do not feel shy

You may get obsessed with taking too many images to save or to share with others, you may not get too much involved in clicking images only. Do not feel shy to say that you feel nervous, want a break, or need personal time with your partner. A professional photographer will respect your nervousness and will not force you to get involved more frequently. Also, try to keep the environment as natural and simple as possible.

Admire the suggestions

To create an unbelievable engagement experience, you must not impose your desires over the photographer. Respect the suggestions and ideas given by the photographer rather than show a stubborn attitude. Be friendly with your photographer and appreciate his/her efforts.

Don't stick to just one spot

For more creative photos, it is better to keep walking and moving to your location. Staying just one place can make you and your photographer bore. Ty to act natural and casual. Ask your photographer to keep clicking images while you are having causal quality time with your partner, like during your conversations, some slight romantic moments, cute gestures, random poses, laugh, holding hands and other. It can also depend on the venue you choose for the proposal day. The more variety in the spots to choose, the more creativity you can implement.

Pets & the little ones

The excitement of the event may increase if you take your family members along with you to click group pictures together if possible. If not, then at least you can bring your pets or children of someone you know to accompany you in clicking images. You can ask for any person from your friends or family to take care of pets and children, so you will not get bothered during your happy time. This can give you a slight glimpse about how you can imagine your future with your soul mate.

Go for solos too

It is not necessary to take all the photos by hugging each other or always staying close. Ask your photographer to take a few solo pictures as well during the portrait session. Take photos individually in different poses. Apart from that, you can also go for experimenting with things. For instance, you can stand separately at a single spot. Also, you can arrange for funny or romantic standees, photo booths or placards having special messages or key words written on them. Do not always go for serious themes and methods, try a few funny methods too to stimulate your mood.

These are some of the Big Island engagement photo ideas that you can think of and can implement to have stunning memories of you and your partner. There is always room for more ideas and creativity. Think in a broader way so you can try more things instead of just keeping these points in mind. If you are planning to arrange an engagement or proposal ceremony in Hawaii, then our studio can be an ideal choice. We have hired professional photographers who can use a number of tactics in getting awesome clicks without creating hassles. Good luck and have a successful start of your new life!

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