Beautiful maternity photography in Kona


Top 10 tips and tricks for beautiful maternity photography

You can capture the glowing mom to be moments by availing the opportunity of maternity photography. You are the lucky one who can make her feel like one of a million, but you should also care for her to make her comfortable and relaxed during the time of discomfort in her life. By doing these sessions, you can decrease the level of stress for everyone, so it’s better to plan and hire services of a professional photographer from us and use some tricks and techniques in your back pocket. In this article, we have gathered around 10 best tricks to make sure that you get the gorgeous photos as you want to have ever and save your precious memories.

1. Be on time:

The perfect time to capture beautiful photographs is usually between 33-36 weeks of pregnancy. But you need to make sure from your client about any particular conditions of her timing session. The clients who expect multiples or who are experienced facing complications in the pregnancy or who can face an early delivery might want to have their session schedule a little bit earlier so that they don’t miss out these precious moments and save them. So you need to be flexible to each mother’s requirements and needs You can also hire our team of professionals for maternity photography.

2. Lenses for maternity sessions:

You will love to capture your photos with our 50mm lens because it allows giving so much versatility to manage different angles, lighting and compositions situations. Maternity sessions can provide you with much variety in your lens choice where long lenses will capture in such a way that it will give a gorgeous compression, while wide-angle lenses will let you be in the whole scene.

3. Camera settings for maternity shoots:

Our sessions plan can be a perfect place in order to practice shooting wide open. Imagine the gorgeous bokeh in the place while the focus on the mom to be with her beautiful bump! But you need to be careful to close up when you think it is needed to capture all the important aspects.

4. Accessories for maternity sessions:

Before starting the session, you should ask the mom and dad to bring with them a few special moments of pregnancy such as an ultrasound report or some kind of special item with your baby’s name on it. Doing this will add a unique touch to the awesome photographs. It is one of the important aspects of maternity photography which brings professionalism and uniqueness to the service. If you are looking for this kind of professional photographers in Hawaii to capture your maternity moments, feel free to hire our services.

5. Siblings:

Siblings play an important role in the photographs but they are difficult to manage if they are too young. You can suggest mom and dad bring something interesting for their kids to do while mom will be busy in solo shots. Nowadays an iPad or any coloring book with crayons are the sources of interest for kids. If the kids are babies, parents can bring a family member with them or a friend who can handle them during the shot. They can also bring older children who can follow directions and can hug/kiss their Mom’s belly, for some loving poses.

6. Maternity posing:

To get a natural touch in the photos, ask mom to be to touch her belly.You need to assist her hands' positions efficiently. Place one hand on top and one on the bottom or one on her belly while the other one in hairs. Make sure that you have taken some close-ups of her belly. When you add in Dad and siblings as well, change their position according to the environment. Don’t forget to make everyone in the family touch her belly and capture it right away.

7. It’s all about that bump:

Maternity photography is all about the bump so it should be more clear and specified. Ask the mom to be to wear a long dramatic gown which should be tight and fit on her belly. The main objective is to feature the bump specifically. You can also choose some of the maternity gowns from our studio wardrobe including lace to silk as well as neutrals to saturated tones. Or you can also select from your own wardrobe if you have a huge collection. Don’t forget to select contrast outfits for Dad and sibling.Before starting your session, take a while to check out their whole look.

8. Choosing a location for a maternity session:

There are unlimited possible locations available for maternity sessions, especially in Hawaii from super outdoor locals such as beaches and wide open grass lawn before sunset or after sunrise to amazing indoor masterpieces in dramatic gowns. Don't forget to take advantage of natural landmarks around where you are living. But take special care for the mom to be and make sure that she doesn’t enter into any danger zone like going up hills which can be harmful to her.

9. Pricing:

The pricing of maternity photography depends largely on your market or area. But you should avail the combine maternity and newborn sessions so that you feel more secure regarding the payment amount for the sessions.

10. Maternity session length:

Photographers can do offer these sessions for 30-minutes to 60-minutes length. If you are going to do a mini session, you should add the dad to be and siblings into the session. If they want you to do so, you can convince them to take a full-length session and let them know about its features and advantages. Keep in mind that if you include all the family members into the session, it will change into a family session with mom, and she will also want you to capture her solo shots. So be careful when dealing with clients about the selection of session and its pricing.

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