Bad vs good photography


​Bad vs good photography

With increasing competition in the photography industry there are a lot of Joes popping up that might make it hard to differ between a professional and an amateur photographer. While amateurs out there might be earning money, it is important to differentiate and find out what makes a photographer great at their work regardless of their input. An amateur might require the perfect lighting, props, composition and subject to make the picture turn out great. But a professional photographer makes use of whatever resources they have. They utilize their expertise and add that to your special occasion.

Phillip Haummesser is a professional photographer who wrote about his journey from being an amateur to becoming a passionate professional photographer. Phillip talks about how he noticed changes and found beauty where the normal eye wouldn’t find any. Phillip crossed the local chickens in their chicken coup on the daily but never looked at it to be an amazing subject for a photograph. On his journey to become a professional photographer, he once decides to stop and capture the chickens and the child who usually played with them in the afternoon. The photograph turned out to be beautiful. It captured the joy on the child’s face and the hens flocking away, trying to escape the coup. The unimaginable detail changed Phillips entire perspective towards photography. Even though, he saw this sight on the daily, he never knew it encompassed so much beauty. 

A good photographer knows how to capture that beauty and use their imagination to find the same essence and happiness in every walk of life. Imagine the possibilities if you hire the right one for your special day and turn into an even greater experience give their talent and knowledge. 

While amateur photographers might do the job for you, they surely don’t provide the best quality and assurance for the price you pay. A professional one offers a guarantee along with their services. The guarantee is to receive your money’s worth and expect incomparable quality. This quality is processed, when each of your pictures is edited and scanned for the end result to be flawless. So that every picture that ends up in your hand is the best the photographer has to offer. Being a professional also comes with its perks. Professional equipment can bring out the most amazing results from normal landscapes and backgrounds. With their cameras, lighting techniques or perhaps studios, a professional photographer can turn your photographs around and add the magic touch of new technology to it. The latest software is used to add the airbrushed finish to your pictures and remove any imperfections all while keeping the moment alive and real within the picture

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