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How to plan an economical wedding budget plan at Big Island of Hawaii

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Are you going to marry soon? Or if your wedding is right in this week, you must be messed up in many things. Various chores must be running side by side, and you have to arrange everything alone. In all these arrangements, your wedding budget is one of the most critical parts of arranging a marriage. 
Usually, couples plan this huge event and create a wedding budget plan. Everyone tries to manage all the expenditures like clothes, food, decoration, and venue within budget. However, they end up spending two times of the actual budget. 
The average cost of a wedding is almost $27,000. This amount is hard to bear for many couples. Then what are the tips for planning a wedding by limiting the budget? Or how to create an Big island economical wedding budget plan. The answer to these questions is ingenious. 
Here we have economic wedding ideas that are going to fulfill all your desires by cutting the stress of the wedding budget. We assure you that our plans for the wedding are super cool and spice up the fun and joy of the big day.
Tips for Wedding Budget Plan
Saving money is possible only when you sacrifice the style and glamour. No one wants to spoil the most awaited moment of their life for saving money. Taking care of your finance and desires is a bit difficult but with our help it is no more an issue. If you really aspire to make your wedding day memorable stay here and read our tips for your wedding budget and economical wedding. 

1. Avoid extra guests

No doubt, it is the most delightful day for you and every couple want to invite all the friends, relatives and colleagues. However, it is not a good idea if you're going to set an economical wedding. 
The more guest you will add to the guest list the more it will increase the wedding budget. People usually invite all the people in their circle though they even know them thoroughly. 
The wedding budget can be economical if you invite only the people you know well. Try to invite the most important people you have like relatives and close friends. 

2. Set the ceremony at home

Renting a marriage hall or a massive building for the Hawaii wedding ceremony just add extra money to your budget. The wedding bill increases drastically when you rent a venue. So, the best idea is to set everything at home or in some park. 
There are many public parks with adorable views that help you in throwing a pomp party. Having your own venue will also give you enough time to spend with your friends. No one will ask you to leave the place, and you can enjoy music and dance for hours. 
3. Shop sample sales
When you are planning your wedding budget, costumes and wedding dress comes at priority. Every couple wants to look great and cannot compromise on their looks. Instead of buying costly attire for one day, go for sample sales. 
If some of your friends are running a boutique, seek her help. Ask them to give you sample clothes that you can wear at your wedding. You can also browse the websites to check which stores are offering sample sales. This is the smartest trick of looking glamorous on this great occasion. 
4. Simple style is best
Flowers and decoration can raise your budget and provide zero profit. At the end of the ceremony, all the flowers get wasted, and you can't do anything with them. So, don't spend your money on flowers and try to keep everything elegant and decent.
Make the bouquets required for bride one day before the wedding by yourself.  Another economical wedding idea is to use fake flowers. No one will get which flowers you are using. You can decorate everything with artificial flowers many days before the wedding.
5. Seek catering help from your family
Your wedding budget comprises of 18% on food and catering. Instead of hiring a catering company for serving the guests, use your family. Cater all the guests with a smile by yourself. Another option you can use is family and friends. The family is the best weapon at a wedding. 
Ask your family to help you with catering and food preparations. All the guests will appreciate this humble act. It will advantage you by cutting extra dollars. Your budget limit will never increase if you follow these ideas for the wedding. 
6. Limit the bar
Drinks and alcohol is the most awaited portion of a wedding. Food and catering take a lot of your wedding budget. So, limit the bar and only add limited stock in the bar section. 

Serve beer, wine and some special cocktail that is more than enough. Your guests are not going to miss anything with wine. It will save a lot of your budget, and you may succeed in arranging an economical wedding. All the couples wishing not to exceed their budget should use these ideas for the wedding. 

7. Use stereo home equipment
Usually, everyone hires a DJ for setting fire on the dance floor. However, if you want to stick to your wedding budget plan, use stereo equipment and place them around the stage. The speakers will have enough voice that everyone can enjoy the beat. 
Arrange a playlist of your favorite songs on your phone and play it. This must be the best experience for couples to play their favorite songs on their day. 
8. Gift words instead of things
People have made it a custom to gift something to groomsmen and bridesmaid. While it is not necessary, you can modify this custom by adding more love and affection in it. Gift a thank you note to them instead of money or gift. It will bestow your love towards them, and they also feel special. 
Wedding budget can be limited with these smart tricks. So, use these tricks and make your day more exciting. 
9. Create your invitations
There are many stylish and trendy invitation cards available in the market. These cards are much expensive and can shake your budget plan. The best idea for dealing with this expense is to create your own cards. 
Sit down and make some cool and simple cards for all your friends and family. This tip is the best for all the people who want to have an economical wedding. 

10. Choose affordable wedding bands

Wedding bands are necessary as it dictates the bond between the two. Usually, people spend 3% of their total wedding budget on wedding bands. Instead of showing off your wealth, show your love. 
Try to choose some economic band that will make your better half happy by cutting the extra cost. This is the best area in which you can trim the price quickly. Your wedding budget can be maintained easily if you get some low-cost wedding band.
11. Marry in offseason
We all know that in wedding season everything is costly. From flowers to the venue, you have to pay something extra. Plan your wedding in January and February because it's the offseason.
You can save a little expense of money this season. Even you will get discounts on everything, and you successfully manage your wedding budget plan. 

12. Hair and makeup

Best attire, hair, and makeup are crucial for the bride and groom because everyone is looking forward to them. You can save money from decor and flowers but never compensate on your looks. 
Hire professionals for your wedding look. If you actually want to save some money, go to the salon instead of calling them at home. Use the best of all for your looks because everything depends on how you look at your wedding. 

13. Spend only 12% on wedding photography

Photos and videos are the most focused areas of a wedding. Everyone is excited about wedding photography, and these photos stay with you for a lifetime. So, hire some photographer who is best at it. The photographer whose pictures make you satisfied is the best for the wedding. 
Set 12% of your total budget for the photographer because you can't risk at photos just for saving some money. 
14. Plan Well
If you want to follow economical wedding ideas than plan well. Plan everything you need in your wedding and list down for better arrangements. Take your time to plan and manage everything that is necessary for a beautiful wedding. 
The budget you have fixed for the wedding need extra care. You have to prioritize the most basic things and cut down the useless expenditures. The biggest mistake most people repeat during their wedding is they don't prioritize their needs. They must plan one month before their wedding as it helps them a lot. 
 These conventional wedding ideas can make your wedding as beautiful as you imagined. All your fantasies come true by keeping your wedding budget on line. You don't need to add extra money for fulfilling the charms of your big day. Enjoy the moment with your partner by forgetting the stress of expenses and budget
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