Wedding cake ideas in Hawaii


Any wedding cannot be celebrated without cutting a wedding cake. Various themes of the cake are loved by couples like the floral arrangement or colorful patterns. In Hawaii, a grand wedding needs some spectacular and unique cake that can refresh the love and bond of both the partners. If your wedding day is coming presently and you have no idea about your wedding cake, the solution is right here. Recent cake trends are assembled by us for couples.

Trends of wedding cake in Hawaii

Don't trouble yourself if you are looking for delicious and beautiful trends in wedding cake. Modern decoration and taste both are necessary for your wedding cake. Though, we picked up trends that can match both these criteria.

1. Black wedding cake

Black is the hottest color in wedding nowadays. So, why not you have some sparkling black cake on your big day for mesmerizing everyone. You will feel glamour and sophisticated with trendy and cool cake. Even friends and family will love the unique idea.

2. Donut Cake

If you did not like the typical shape of the cake, you can replace it with some fresh donut style cake. Even you can set a new trend of donut and serve each guest individually. Also, you can save a lot of money with this wedding cake idea.

3. Geometrical wedding cakes

A wedding cake is the most experimented stuff at a wedding. Instead of using conventional cake shapes you can go for geometrical shapes. The icing looks fabulous when blended with a good frosting.

4. White texture

If you have a white wedding theme and you aim to have a white cake also. You can make this idea more appealing by using white texture on cake. Everything looks clean and bright with this technique. Your wedding cake is going to be a lifetime memory if you follow this trend. It gives beautiful fine detailing in the cake.

These are the most followed and favorite wedding cake ideas. If you still have any confusion or need some help, use our wedding cake service.

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